Those who begin their search for a beer spa in Nuremberg, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin, Prague and Vienna do not know that there is no beer spa in most of these cities. Although the beer spa has a long history: since the beginning of brewing, long before the beginning of the era of Jesus Christ. However, in the last two decades this phenomenon continued to develop, especially in the Czech Republic. As the readers of the Bible have divided into dozens and even hundreds of religious directions due to their different understanding of its content, the concept of "beer spa" or "beer sauna" is explained very freely and uniquely. Most guests, who rely on fact that they have already attended beer baths, will be disillusioned: it will be different.

How the true beer spa should look? Many of those who provide these services call their spa the real ones. Of course, it is necessary to rely on the objective criteria. The first one results from the name "beer bath" itself: only the unfiltered, unpasteurized, dark BEER will be in the bath!!!

One who uses only malt and hops for the preparation of beer bath, does not wish to call their bath “malt”, “hops” or “malt-hops” bath from a certain reason. The ingredients of which beer is brewed and the beer itself - are the different things! It will not occur to anyone to call the washed down flour with water a bread. The system of the malt and hops solution effect on the human body have not been researched. However, it is known that malt begins to release ferments, i.e. useful substances at a high temperature not borne by a person in the bath. But who knows such details? Such beer spa often offer the bonus of “unlimited beer drinking, but of course not during the week, but within 20 minutes of the bath procedure. Man can usually drink a couple of beers in 20 minutes because he has come to rest, not to get drunk for 100 euros he paid for the procedure. It does not have sense to pour the undrunk beer to the bath, because it is pasteurized and not used for long-term storage, for the market needs. All living in it has already been destroyed. But who will notify the client about it?

Another "popular" version of the beer baths is: they pour into them what the other breweries pour down the sewers. “Beer bath” sounds more acceptable to the client than “beer waste bath”. The impact of the solution of beer waste from production to the human body immersed in bath has also not been researched. Those who have already had these beer baths also believe that the bath “will be so dirty”. And that the costs for such a bath are very low.

Even if the guest had a glass of beer, he is bored in such a bathtub: metal tub, aero-massage is missing, it is not possible to immerse themselves in the bath due to the “sediments”. Therefore, in 20 minutes, the client is placed on the cot also for 20 minutes, and the beer procedure ends! By the way, you can take a beer bath with you. It is written in the bottle: for beer baths. And added with tiny letters: do not drink! If it concerns beer for beer baths, then why not to drink it, and if it is not beer, then why it serves for “beer baths”? The analysis of this fluid confirms that it concerns the waste emerging from the production of beer.

Another version: the offer of a beer bath, where beer cider is presented as “young beer” i.e. beer that did not “ferment”. Can beer be made without fermentation? But the “cider” bath does not irritate the imagination just like the beer one.

There are another versions under the name “beer baths” using various mixtures: ingredients used during beer production, its waste and herb admixtures. Typically, such baths have a solid price of 100 EUR per 2 people. Usually, such baths are expanded in places of active tourism, where the tourists are excited about the exotic name and believe, that the other beer baths do not exist.

Similarly, in some Czech spa hotels, they offer the procedure named “beer bath”, where they pour one or two beer bottles into the water, while they focus more on its cheap price than the quality. And the “smartest” ones simply add cosmetic beer foam to the water. “Beer foam” = “beer bath”. Any questions?

There are also beer spas in Saxony, Germany. Their advantages: wooden and the open-air spa. The bath has +37°C and lasts 55 minutes. Disadvantages - the entrance through the sauna with the corresponding German traditions of its visit. Two seats in a 4 or 5-seat local bath cost more than 100 EUR. And in case the group is not too “close” - they do not feel comfortable in a tight bath. In addition, there is no aero-massage. About 1 liter of beer is poured into the tub, but each bather is offered a liter glass for indoor use.

Real beer bath

Now we have come to the version of beer baths that can undoubtedly be called true from various reasons: it concerns the “Natural European Beer Spa Center” with branches in Karlovy Vary and its surroundings. By the way, this name is registered in English, German, Czech and Russian in all EU countries.

Firstly, only the owners of this brand own the official Patent on the invention of a beer bath as physiotherapy procedure. This can be verified on the Internet.

Secondly, the “Natural European Beer Spa Centre” is not only a spectacular project (46 persons can be bathed in 21 rooms simultaneously). But here, unfiltered, unpasteurized dark beer from the our craft brewery, registered under name “Karlovarské” (“Karlovy Vary beer”), is poured into wooden baths with the aero-massage. It is beer that flows from the taps in Karlovy Vary in “Old Slavic Cuisine” restaurants.

The monitoring, as well as the research of health of men and women groups of various age during 1.5 year period have confirmed the effects of beer solution from the “live” beer. The results have been formulated in the patent and they are now often quoted by owners of other “beer spa”, which have absolutely different composition, residence time, different temperature and conditions. We advise our guests to fully immerse themselves in the beer bath because the procedure is particularly beneficial for hair. The idea of patenting a physiotherapy beer bath occurred to one of the authors right at the hairdresser’s: when her hairdresser cut her regularly for four years, she noticed that her hair structure has been improved. This was the result of only 5-6 beer bath procedures practiced in half a year.

Research has therefore confirmed the positive influence of beer baths from unfiltered, unpasteurized beer on the skin, hair, as well as, thanks to the aero-massage, on potency, regulation of arterial pressure, weight reduction. It has been found that true relaxation, with pleasant music and aromatherapy, begins 20 minutes after the beginning of the procedure. Unpasteurized, unfiltered beer full of micro elements and vitamins, especially of group B, has both external and internal positive effect. This beer was brewed according to the Old Slavic recipes. The price of the beer bath for 2 people is 69 EUR per hour. A group of 6 people can joyfully spend time, aware of the positive health effects, in a large beer bath for 169 EUR. The brewery itself can be visited in form of tour and it is possible to taste the beer directly from the tank. A spa hotel in the countryside with half-board, where rooms can be booked on the internet, allows pleasant rest after beer procedure and tasting. Such a beer bath is a nice gift that will be remembered for a long time.

The beer spa also allows you to answer the question: what to do in Karlovy Vary and what is interesting in the Czech Republic?

It is interesting, that people checking articles in Wikipedia, judging by their qualification and work experience, are not sufficiently informed about similar issues. They refused to publish the article about beer spas due to "insufficiency of its scientific and academic base". Even when one of the authors is a science candidate and the other is a physician with six specializations, and they have officially registered patent no. 2494719 on the discovery of beer spa as a physiotherapy procedure.

After all that has been said, it remains for the reader to think about it, compare and examine the facts. Since, as is well known, only practice is the criterion of truth.

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