The family brewery of the European Centre of the Natural Beer Spa keeps up the Old Slavic and other ancient tradition of brewing strong, high-quality, and exceptionally tasty beer. Our Czech beer is brewed on German quality equipment. Only handmade. Do you think that the best beer in Prague? No, the best Czech beer brewing here. It really is a craft beer.

All large Czech breweries, such as Budvar, Pilsner, Kozel and others, have to filter and pasteurize their beer and that’s why, draft beer it’s not their product. Our beer is like the very first beer which people started brewing in 12 000 years ago in Göbekli Tepe (Turkey). There they brewed beer from wild barley and wild wheat. Naturally, they didn’t use filtration and pasteurization to preserve it. They also didn’ t use hops as a natural preservative. In our brewery, beer is not filtred and pasteurized. We also used little hop so our beer healthy and not bitter.

This beer, with all the microelements and vitamins (a special vitamin groups B) is used in the beer spa for the beer baths. As you know, B vitamins are very useful for skin and hair.

The brands brewed in the family brewery:

  • The “Karlovarské pivo Starý Hrad” (“Old Castle”) light beer
  • The “Karlovarské pivo Starý Hrad” (“Old Castle”) dark beer

  •  The “Karlsbader Beer” semi-dark beer

If you wish to try the delicious taste of the “Karlovarské pivo Starý Hrad” (“Old Castle”), visit one of the restaurants that serves this beer on tap. You can try this beer only in the “Staroslovanská Kuchyně” (“Old Slavic Cuisine”) restaurants :

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